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Choosing plants for my tank

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Hi, all!

I want to start using live plants in my tanks because I think that they'd look a lot better than the fake ones that I have in there now. I know that different plants needs different lighting, so I was curious as to which plants would be good for my tank.

I have a 3.5 gallon tank with LED lighting (it has red, green, blue and regular lights.) I usually keep the lights on the setting with all four of them on during the day for about 12-13 hours and I have gravel substrate. I have a Hawkeye Aquarium 180, if that helps (

I was thinking of getting some Anubias for sure, maybe some Java Fern and I was gonna get a Moss ball. Any help/ideas?

P.S: What about trimming the plants? I've been doing mild research, but I haven't learned a thing about it :(

Thank you for any help!
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In some places you can buy driftwood with aquatic plants, like java moss and anubias, already attached. That stuff is generally safe to add to your tank right off. :) You can find some really cool shapes of driftwood, too - I have one like a tunnel or cave in my 60 litre tank, and I attached little java fern sprouts from my big ferns to the top. They grew quickly and now I have a green tunnel. :)

Some other good low-tech plants to add to Kiomaiden's wonderful list:
- anacharis (grows very quickly, easy to care for, to trim you just snip off however much you want, then you can plant that new bit in the gravel and have a whole new plant)
- lacefern (propogates just like java fern - keep on top of it or it will grow to fill your whole tank!)
- ambulia (very pretty)
- java moss (makes a wonderful, easy to care for carpet, and is good for fry to hide in)
- rotala (comes in many varieties - I have red rotala wallachi, which makes a nice splash of colour but is prone to hair algae)

Crypts and sword plants are also easy to care for. I have a little sword in my 5 gallon with very low light, and although it isn't really growing, it's healthy still. :)
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