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Ouch. That'd be a good one for the rant thread. Sorry about that.

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I've read about the photobucket issue on another forum. They should have notified people in advance. $399 is way too much. Who is going pay that amount?!

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Great journal. Just wish those pics would still be there!
Sorry not paying $399 a year for photobucket, will dig up some of the good ones later this week and post them to imgur to put here

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This has got to be one of the oldest threads around. Nice to see such persistence.
I didn't think it would be the oldest still running o_O that's scary.
I love bettas, so easy to keep in smaller (under 10g) planted tanks lets me explore lots of aquascaping options! Their individual unique personalities and appearances are also a nice bonus ^^

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WOW!! page 100!! didn't notice till just now. Let's have a big update for this big number.

7g Cube

The love-hate relationship with anubias...

You may notice some empty spots in here from the last update.. because I never seem to have luck finding anubias that doesn't melt to nothing (i'm talking total rhizome destruction!). Its quite frustrating.. I lost the 2 lovely anubias goldens and 2 unidentified anubias. What's left *looks* healthy for the time being.. but it takes a month of no rot to know its all gone.
Willow is doing well, she's always exploding and pretty bold. Fastest betta ever to learn feeding ques/where to go for food. She still gets spooked by my finger sometimes but other times she chases. She may not be as 'flashy' as some bettas but I'm glad I chose her.
She decided to nip my finger a few times today after feeding, moth is too small to latch on but it was cute.

8g jumbo bubble bowl

Had to cut the 2 anubias rhizomes as they were too long to let new growth have some room (new leaves were smushed against glass). Titan is doing well, hasn't flared yet but I've not really tried to make him flare.

side/Back of the tank-my husband's view from his desk. Curved glass make its impossible to show whole thing but it reminded him of a plague mask.

He does not like to hold still for photos.. best is the middle one-he was being leery of my wacom tablet pen.

75g Goldfish tank

so, bad at updating. back to just aquarium-2 goldies in a 75g

Last of the older goldfish-oringally had a ton of beautiful black markings and started around 38 grams. S/he is now at 55ish grams and lost 99% of their black.

Sadly I'd lost everyone else.. but got a new roommate for them. We named the new one Pepper. First days home getting weighed and our newest/youngest pup came to check the oranda out, Pepper was just as curious.

After qt I had to bug bomb the room the 75g is in so unplugged air pump and taped up the tank so nothing got in and moved the fantail to a separate temp tank for a few days. They both were acclimated and put back into the tank at the same time (different buckets). They're getting along great and eat constantly! I'm tossing in baby spinach (and sometimes other salad greens) 4-6 times a day + small portions of soilent green 2 times a day! Ps peper is a photo bomber!

Tank is doing well, plants get nibbled but not destroyed.. have bba (black beard algae) but I think increasing water changes will help with that.

view from the couch


Enjoying spinach. End of the bag so all the pieces were so tiny x.x Thinking to trying to grow my own lettuce again for them.

Btw I don't think I mentioned this but this fantail in the photo is named Tarragon now. Original name was Quinoa (since we use tri color quinoa in some of out cooking) but with the black all gone needed a rename.

12g long

Been through a lot of ups and downs.. went through a few re-scapes and fish variants. Hubby missed having shrimp through the tank so got the blue version of cherry/sakura/firered shrimp we use to have, they should do well in our water, they just arrived yesterday.

[flora] Italian vals, Echinodorus parviflorus, lots of duckweed, stray water sprite I need to remove, will be adding flame moss to driftwood after treating for snails.
[fauna] currently Dream Blue Velvet Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi), plan to add nano fish after shrimp colony establishes
[substrate] black diamond blasting 'sand'
[hardscape] the manzanita driftwood that use to be in my 20g long (cut to fit)
[equipment] eheim 2211 diy inline heater eheim jagar 50 watt

10g half moon
Clearly been bad at updating since last time I posted this was still a de-rimmed 5g. Got a 10g half moon at petsmart because hubby lied the curved glass (no corners) and moved marimo covered river rocks and pumice to this tank. Also added silicone anemones for hiding places for betta. Has riccia floating at top to keep ammonia in check.
Sorry not as nice a photo.

[flora] riccia fluitans, marimo
[fauna] an old veiltail female betta named V
[substrate] off white sand
[hardscape] river rock and pumice
[equipment] nano sponge filter/airline hose/whisper air pump, hydro theo 25 watt heater, azoo micro temp controller


Just a quick update on the 75g. Ended up having issues-rain and then freezing temps froze my window shut (yes I water change into the garden even in winter, tank placement is not conducive for draining into a tub/sink, and bucket brigading it would cripple me). Did 2 70% water changes on a wed and friday last week.

Unfortunately I lost my olive nerite snail-it was old so not surprised. But ti think that spiked ammonia a bit-didn't find it until water change was done so coudln't test to confirm. A few days later Tarragon got real bad swelling by the base of the tail and dropsy/sbd. I moved her to the qt tank and started treatment but she didn't make it through the night.

Pepper is all alone now, seemed very distraught about loosing Tarragon the first 2 days but has calmed down and is use to being solo again (was solo in qt when first came home).

I decided I won't buy any more goldfish. I love them but I feel like I loose them too fast, so will be sticking to smaller fish. Once Pepper passes I'm thinking of turning the 75g into a walstad tank since all the plants should do well with that. Would get organic soil and gravel plant everything and re-cycle.

Then I dunno.. I REALLY want danio tinwini so might put those in and maybe some otos. After they're settled in I might get a baby angelfish again (1), Carmel YumYum (don't look at me, my husband named her and was apparently hungry at the time) got along great with otos and other small fish since it was raised with them, so hoping for the same again. I don't think danio will be an issue for the angel, they're suppose to be peaceful dither fish (compared to other danio)
Will throw up some photos of pepper later.

12g long
I've sen at least 6 of the 20 some shrimp that went in.. not sure if the others died or hiding well in the leaf litter/driftwood. Ended up cutting back the vals as some had over a foot floating on the surface. It was killing water movement which caused bio-film and then green algae formed in some bubbles on the bio-film (looks cool but had to go). That all cleared right up as I started cutting back the vals, and taking out a few scoops of duckweed.
I still haven't fed the shrimp, they seem to be doing fine on the natural food in there but I may try a soilent green gel cube (tiny) this weekend. They've refused spinach the 2 times I blanched some and put it in the tank. Seen a few molted skins (shells? what ever the term) and a few of the live ones are definitely female (i'd bought a 10:5 f:m ratio, wasn't sure what survived).

10g half moon
Sadly I think V may have passed, or is on teh verg on it. She's been looking old for a while now, i expected ehr to die back in Oct but she's been resilient! Swim bladder stopped working properly but she'd use the floating rocks and riccia at the surface to rest and get air easily. She's always mange to move over to my feeding spot on a high rock but this week she's not come. I see her wedged in the riccia but dno't want to push her out if she's resting and too tired to get food...I think I just don't want to find out for sure if she's gone.. She's the last of my sorority tank girls.
Once she is passed I'm going to toss the light this tank came with and get a cfl bulb over it adn some taller anubias (if I can mange some that doesn't rot!) before my husband and I hunt down a new fish.. most likely another betta but could be a dwarf gourami or some other small species.. who knows..

3g bubble bowl
Haven't updated on this in forever. Its gotten kinda ugly (algae) since Cacao's snail buddy passed on. Haven't added another 'pest' snail since.. think its about time. Can never get an un-blurred shot of this betta so I stopped trying.

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So thought I'd photo dump some of my passed bettas from 2014-mid 2016, will have another post with ones past that point later.. have to dig through a LOT of old photos

Dijion the one who started the addiction..

Arist'oto' the betta that wanted to be an oto

Xerxes my long time desk buddy

Alastor the most peaceful betta I've ever owned

Magnus the delta that turned into a rose tail (odd healed fin damage)

Aristocoles my fabulous finned boy

Shreduski.. before he earned his name wrecking that lovely tail

Antaeus flare happy s.o.b.

Husband's first betta Chiyome



André (before he marbles-will show more photos later)


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Magnus and Aristocoles take my breath away.

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Got a pm asking about Titan's 8g jumbo bubble bowl tank. Thought I'd share the info here too in case anyone else is interested.

Animals15 said:
Hi, I saw your journal and it is great to see a journal that has been going for as long as yours! I used to have another account years ago and I remember seeing you post quite often. :)

All of your Bettas are lovely (both past and present)!

I did not read all of your entries , so you may have mentioned this before, but where did you get the 7+ gallon bowls? I keep my three Bettas in a divided 29 gallon aquarium ( It is around 9 gallons per section) and sadly will not be setting up another habitat anytime soon, but it will be good to know for the future.

I have a few questions about the bowls that I hope you do not mind me asking. :)

Is adding heaters harder in these bowls? Is the view distorted at all? What is the length (back and forth swimming space) width and height ?

How much do these cost?

Thank you and have a great day! :D
Thank you!
Its fine I wouldn't except you to dig through 100 pages to find the answers.
The exact listing I bought is no longer available on amazon (original bought with prime so i could return if it arrived broken) I spent somewhere between $60-80. This is the closest I can find to it (actually slightly larger! and more expensive x.x at a little over $100)
something similar on ebay used:

Oh here we go found what I have on ebay-bowl is cheap, shipping is not, total $120 (I swear these were cheaper a few years ago, I've never have spent $100 or more on a tank)

and another site with the one I have (I have not bought from here)

Dimension: High-14", Opening Diameter-8.75", Body Diameter-16" at widest (back and forth swim space/width), 8 gallons

Heater: I use hygro theo 50 wat heater is compact as so I can get the suction cup to hold it on the glass. Longer heaters like eheim jagar would be an issue.

Distortion: there is distortion, mostly at the 'corners' (what ever is the farthest sides of the bowl from your current view.. if that makes scene). Basically if you scape/decorate set up the bowl and think about what angle you're going to see it from and try to scape/decorate from the center outward, expecting to loose detail at the far left/right 'sides' from your view. But if its set up say on a table with a 360 degree view aside from the heater showing that'd be pretty cool!
If you've not owned a curved glass bowl/vase betta tank yet you may want to look at more photos or youtube videos to get an idea of the distortion. Not everyone likes it-I do.

I've kept 2 (not at the same time!!) half giants aka petco 'king' bettas in this tank with driftwood, they still had plenty of roaming space and look small in there ^^

Added info to this post:
I originally got this after seeing photos or maybe a youtube video of someone with the same bowl and an ehiem canister filter, was densely planted and I think had a ram cichlid + some other small fish.

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[10g half moon

V passed this past weekend. Found her Monday, gutted and cleaned the tank, removed all the riccia, took out the silicone anemone, re-tied down some loos marimo and ripped open a few balls to put on a rock that spent too much time out of the water and original marimo dried and died off. I had a diy sponge cover on the sponge filter I switched out for a proepr sponge filter-will do a fish in cycle with Prime..

Ordered some new riccia and a large anubias that should be her tomorrow I'll put in the tank and upgrade the light to something a little brighter (currently on stock light), probably a 9wat cfl 6500k in a clamp lamp above the tank (like my 8g jumbo bubble bowl and 7g cube).

After plant come in if they are ok we'll start stalking lfs for a betta that catches my husband's eye. He's told me he doesn't have any preferences on color/fin type/etc more interested in taking someone that is clearly been there too long and needs help (likely to die to try to revive). If we grab anything with fungus/fin rot/etc I'll set up a temp qt until its treated and healed.

Don't worry there is a heater in there, curved glass kinda hides it and the filter... Looking at the photo i need to wire tie those wires to make the back of the tank more appealing.

12g long

I'm at 0/0/0 ammonia/nitrite/nitrate! I shouldn't be surprised since its just shrimp but I always had a ton of Malaysian trumpet snails and other 'pests' snails so not use to yellow liquid for a nitrate test. Have to increase my liquid fert dosing (has nitrates in it). If they didn't cost so much I'd buy some more shrimp but I don't feel like spending $100+ on shrimp and shipping again.

[75g riparium]
I couldn't resist and had to set up a riparium again! Photos from before setup:
two large sponge filters

Pump from 75g that housed tilapia until recent (those little [censor]s broke the tank!)

The smaller shadow caddie in front is the 'large' one I used on my 55g.. the new ones are even bigger! sorry blurry photo, one dog sniffing the caddies, another is pushing me for attention off camera >.<

Coated wire to hang caddies, bought 2 rolls (100ft total) which is good because I used about 60 feet for this (double stranded them and added extra to the larger caddies). Suction cups suck [censor] so much now just putting caddies in tank (nothing in caddie) they fell off! I mean.. really?!

And time to make them black (ignore the pipe behind-for the 55g vivarium project)

Heater from amazon which I really want to flip out on whoever packed.. WHERES MY PADDING?! this is a GLASS heater bouncing lose in a box ugh!!!

After caddies got spray painted black husband cut extra slots in the large ones, sorry no photos.. dangerous process.. but here they are on the tank

The day I finally put plants in I dipped them all in potassium permanganate, I do a stronger bath than most and deep purple to almost black (most keep it pink/light purple) for 5 minutes or so then thoroughly rinse. Had to thoroughly rinse roots clean for most of the plants (peace lily 'domino' was the only one with roots already adapted to water). No photos during this porcess but when putting plants on the tank i realized I went overboard buying pothos njoy.. thats a 22"x16" tub

And Finally done!

Pothos Njoy (thought I may be 'Glacier', or 'Pearls and Jade' ??)
Pothos Golden
Pothos Neon
Potho Marble Queen (tiny piece)
Spathiphyllum 'Domino'
Spathiphyllum x 'Wallisii' (dwarf variety)
Spathiphyllumunknonw variety
Neanthe Bella Palm
Water sprite (just added not in photo)
None yet, plan to get endlers
2x sponge filters
whisper 150
airline tubing
ehiem jagar 200 watt (supposedly handles 76f-106g)
shower caddies: 3 corner, 1 jumbo, 4 large, and 5 or 6 small

(not added yet) black diamond 20-40 grit

(not added yet) may sue some river rocks, unsure..

Tank has had plants on it for 6 days. Dosed Ammonia and some ferts first night. After some small water cahnges to get debris off the bottom I re-dosed ammonia yesterday -1ppm- and its at 0.5 ppm today! So I may be bad and not wait the 2 moths for a cycle and just get fish once its consuming ammonia within hours of adding it. Will start with small stock so there's not too much ammonia and let them breed and fill the tank.

Will get better photos as plants establish.

Photo from 3 days after putting them into the tank-pothos root already growing to adapt to water! Should take new photos to show more root growth..

And I wanted to show this 100% white pothos leaf! Its not a dead leaf! Sadly knocked that and a few otehr leaves off when cleaning x.x

Oh and I wanted to share this-its a leaf from the unknown peace lily that's just lovely but different (rest are solid green) a few days later a spathe grew from this leaf (but the leaf is not the spathe!)


This is not my first riparian, I had a 55g going for a while before taking it down to use the lights for aquaponics. I wish I hadn't given up my plants... But starting again!
Link to the old tank thread-sorry the photos are all gone thanks to photobucket...[click]

Old photos from the now dismantled 55g:

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7g cube

Just a quick shot after a water change-oxygen filed salvinia roots, and Willow.

10g half moon
Excuse me while I vent.

UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH not a good day for this tank. I'd ordered plants-new riccia and anubias. Riccia came completely covered in duckweed (even after asking the seller specifically if it had duckweed before ordering!) so I get to toss that out..

And the large anubias I ordered is missing! Last update in a few days is "In Transit to Next Facility" (this is 2-3 day priority mail.. it should [censor]ing be here!) and with the cold I'm expecting a dead plant to arrive so yeh... not happy...

How am I getting this much nitrite in just 1 week? I haven't been able to watch a fishless cycle in a while (tiny particulates in water from water treatment plant being under construction made nitrogen testing impossible for a year+) but I don't recall nitrite showing up this fast and already at 1 ppm.. ammonia at 0 in 48 hours (was 1/2 he dose after 24 hours).

If I hadn't treated all the plants with potassium permagnimate(PP) I'd assume it came from my 'domino' that had roots in water before but PP kills beneficial bacteria so that's out. Everything in tank is new so how's the nitrosomonas bacteria showing up this fast?

Did a 50% water change, dosed ammonia and plant ferts. Also tossed in some water sprite and anacharis for added floating plant cover. Hopefully will get guppy grass and hornwort when I get my endlers for more places for fry to hide and deter jumping. Post w/c photos:

If all the floating aquatic plants survive, once they start overgrowing I'll take some and set up a dirted tank in the windowsill to see how they do. Yes the MTS bug bites again!

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I cannot believe that I have been here all this time and have not seen your thread! I am loving each and every one of your lovely tanks and bettas, they are all so unique and filled with wonderful color! Oh how beautiful those jars and vases are, secretly some of my favorite tanks are vases, mostly because they are oddly shaped from the rectangular tanks I am used to.

I wish I could grow live plants like that, they are beautiful! :)

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8g bubble bowl

he does not hold still for a good photo! Need to thin out the floating plants they're really blocking the anubias for light now.

7g cube
Willow is very curious and likes to flare at me now (no beard-just gills pushed out) still so tiny, have to be careful not to over feed her after feeding the big giant Titan.

10g half moon
Went to teh smae store we got Willow and Titan from, husband picked out a black and white dragonscale plakat boy. He was very darty at first but has settled in and expores his tank all day or watched my husband work. He's named Smokey. Ignore the colors in his white scales-finnex stingray has some strong red/blue leds that does that. I tossed some pothos n'joy on the tank with a 13watt 6500k cfl bulb and its sucking up the ammonia so all nitrogen params are reading 0.

6g vivarium
Moved some other emersed aquatic plants in and ripped out most of the hydro japan (clover). Now has African water fern in right back corner, and anubias gigantea tissue culture (supposedly... kinda looks like it was anubias golden (mark on package was in between these 2 on the list)

I know my plants will absorb a lot of the ammonia, but I still can't believe I have enough bb formed to deal with the nitrites already! This photo is from yesterday: 0 ammonia and nitrite. I thought I'd forgotten to dose ammonia so did a 1 ppm dose and tested again today-same results. and nitrates are 40-80 from 2 days of dosing. So I think I'm ready for fish!! If only it wasn't below 30F out x.x

Hadn't planned on adding this plant, but husband spotted a really nice healthy BIG anthurium when we were out so I booted my extra peace lily 'domino' to take the corner caddie. Did a potassium permagnimate(pp) dip after rinsing roots. Turns out its 2 huge plants (thought i'd be over 5 smaller ones.

I love using pp for getting rid of pests-usualy do a strong dose dark purple to almost black and put plants in 5 minutes, or 10 if they are too big and stick out pho the water (like these did) and just rotate half way through. You can get it on e-bay easily enough, but wear gloves and cloths you do't care about staining! This is what happens when you handle wet powder (stains for several day):

Anyways have a full tank shot (fts) and some close ups.

And from above

Looking at the photos I realize 1 of the t5 bulbs finally burnt out 9it was an old one) so gotta replace that.

I put the extra peace lily domino up for sale. I also have 2 decent portions of pothos n'joy, and can add wired shower caddies and clay media. You can find my thread in the "for sale" section, or pm me if you'd like to buy any of these.

Currently the 'domino' is in a pot with water and clay media in the bay windowsill. The pothos is on the tank until sold-pothos photos show it in same type of caddie as close up in photo to its left.

75g Riparium

Not much going on-tank still cycled, dosing ammonia every day, water change every 3rd day. Dose liquid ferts maybe once a week. Pothos is taking off and everything is getting roots. I put crushed coral in nylon stockings to raise kh for the future livestock. Not shown in photo but my anacharis is pearling pretty much constantly during lights on.

Soooo I was bad and went to a website that had some tanks I really like at half price... the MTS (mutli tank syndrome) took over and I bought 2 new tanks.. Took about 2 weeks to get plants.
6g bookshelf tank
Set up a new dirted tank with black diamond cap more details/photos to come. Hopefully everything survives (all new plants).

5g curved corner
An aquatop nanopionics I only used the tank-still have filter/grow tray/substrate/underwater light if anyone would like that?- higher light plants more direct sun from the glass panes in the front door. Wil ahve to see what survives.

I cannot believe that I have been here all this time and have not seen your thread! I am loving each and every one of your lovely tanks and bettas, they are all so unique and filled with wonderful color! Oh how beautiful those jars and vases are, secretly some of my favorite tanks are vases, mostly because they are oddly shaped from the rectangular tanks I am used to.

I wish I could grow live plants like that, they are beautiful! :)

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I love the curved tanks too ^^
Live plants do take a little work but some are easier to grow than others.
They're well worth it IMO. If you want I can go over some basic points for keeping aquatic plants.
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