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Buy at your own risk! and its affiliates are not responsible for any misconduct from buyers or sellers. Use precaution when buying or selling merchandise through this service. Buyers and sellers are bound by the rules of the forum and any violation of said rules should be reported to the staff of

Members must have 50 posts outside of the Marketplace to sell Betta or any product in the classified section. Members not meeting this criteria will have their ads removed.

Posts that do not count toward the total are non-substantive posts such as "Thank you," "Gorgeous," "Good Luck," etc., posts regarding one's own breedings and anything in 'The Lounge'.

Information for Sellers:
-Internet Fraud is illegal. Stealing money from a member and not providing merchandise will result in an immediate ban from as well as possible legal action from the member whose money you have stolen.
-Please specify if you're allowing resale of a fish that is listed for sale or for adoption.
-Protect yourself by always asking to receive payment prior to shipping any item.
-Provide clear pictures and descriptions of every item you wish to sell
-If you are selling or adopting out a live fish provide a picture of the actual fish you wish to sell. Also provide any potential buyers with any information regarding the health of that fish prior to shipping.
-When shipping items things can happen along the way which are out of your control. Protect yourself by always using delivery confirmation so a package may be tracked. Also always save all receipts from shipping items as proof they were shipped.
-Save any and all correspondence (PM, email, etc) with the buyer.
-Require a time limit on payment. Make the buyer aware that you will not hold an item unless it is paid for in a timely fashion. Do not harass the buyer about payment. If they cannot pay immediately or within an agreed upon date then re-list the item on the thread.
-When the item or items have been sold PM a staff member so they may close the thread
-Do not bump your thread up the line. Repeatedly bumping a thread is against forum rules and may lead to warnings from the staff.
-You must have a post count of 50 before posting in the Classified Section. See requirements above.

Information for buyers:
-Beware sellers who are new to the forum. Always check around and see if the seller is a reputable source before buying.
-Ask for pictures of the item you are buying. It's a good idea to ask for a picture with a legitimacy indicator such as a piece of paper with the date and time written on it near the object.
-Protect yourself by going through a 3rd party such as PayPal when you make a payment so your investment can be insured against theft. PayPal only offers Buyer Protection for items paid for as Goods and Services. Friends or Gift payments are not covered.
-Always ask for a tracking number/delivery confirmation to ensure that the item you bought is actually shipped.
-Save any and all correspondence (PM, email, etc) with the seller.
-PM the seller privately to deal with money matters and questions,do not give out information on the thread itself.
-Only post on the thread if you are legitimately interested in the item posted. Do not post if you cannot afford the item.

If you feel someone may potentially be scamming do not say anything to the poster. Report the thread and let the staff of deal with the poster.
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Not open for further replies.