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About 12 months ago, I got my very first betta (toby) from a local pet shop, and he was my pride and joy. He was absolutely adorable and I was totally in love. Then, 5 weeks ago, he completely changed. He was completely lethargic, stopped eating, and my boyfriend noticed he started to look very fat. I assumed he was constipated, so i fasted him, and then fed him a piece of shelled pea. 2 days later, i came home at lunch with the plans of making him flare to see if he poops, and i noticed he was pineconing. HE GOT DROPSY. I was so sad! D:
I cried for days, and finally, 5 days later, I euthanized him with clove oil, thinking it would be humane and painless.
I had my boyfriend do it because I couldn't bare, but he looked like he suffered. It haunts me to this day.
I put him in a container with tank water, and mixed 3-4 drops of clove oil in a separate container with clove oil (shook it, of course).
We added a little bit to toby's container, and he started freaking out. Definitely not lethargic in that instant. 5 minutes passed, and we added a little more, and he freaked out AGAIN.
Let's just say that he still wasn't asleep after we gradually added the entire container into his water. He was laying on his side on the bottom and we would think he was sleeping, but then he would suddenly swim up for air then return to the bottom
he eventually started convulsing in the water, and this is where i absolutely lost it and bawled my eyes out. he seems like he was in so much pain. he couldn't muster up the energy to swim up for another breath. i'm not even sure he died of the clove oil. i think he drowned. :S
The clove oil didn't put him to sleep.
I was absolutely traumatized after this all happened, and i feel so bad.
Part of me wishes i just let nature run its course, but I knew he would starve before the dropsy killed him. And that seems all the more painful.
So my question is DID HE SUFFER? Does anybody know? Has anyone else euthanized with clove oil and experienced this?

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Hey, first Im so sorry for you loss.

I have euthanized with clove oil and did not have that response at all. When i used clove oil, my fish did swim around a little crazy for about a minute (this is because the fish realizes that there is something different in the water). Then she sunk to the bottom and started laying on her side. Then her breathing slowed and then eventually stopped.

Did you put an air stone with an air pump attached? that is what make sure the clove oil stays mixed in with the water.

it's always best to add way more then you think you need.
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