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hi all! I have a 17g blackwater tank that is quite tall, very heavily planted, p.h is currently sitting around 6.5 and I’ve got a thriving shrimp colony keeping it going at the moment.
I’ve kept b.coccina in the past and am looking into keeping them again, however, I have also fallen a little bit in love with b.Hendra. I am only in the beginning of my research of Hendra this is moreso to break my heart early on if necessary.
I can’t choose between the two and it’s my understanding that Hendra are part of the coccina complex. Is it possible to keep both species in a community? I’m not too worried about crossbreeding, I never successfully bred my coccina, and my shrimp are quite large and I’m not fussed about the babies being eaten - if anything, I encourage the live feeding in tanks like this.
I have attached a photo of the tank when I first set it up - the plants have grown in more and and the tank is much darker, but my camera is broken so I can’t show an updated image lol

I will of course continue doing my research. If this isn’t something possible / recommended I will stick to my b.coccina. The health of my fish comes before my own aesthetic pleasure! If you have any other suggestions for me, please let me know!
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