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Color genetics?

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Im about to get a female betta (if i win the bid), and eventually considering breeding her. But being a researchaholic, and picky, I am wondering if color genetics are tracked in any way? Like if you breed this color to that color the babies could be these colors? If not are there some sites i could compile the data into a spreadsheet? (Im also an excel spreadsheet junkie). I have some experiences in color genetics, (im really good with horses) and it seems so far in my search its not documented that much. It seems so far like its a shot in the dark sometimes and thats just weird to me. This is also going to be used on a potential future computer project im thinking of doing. Any input would be spectacular! Also per the BFF's request, what do you think of this males breeding potential? (The fins have stayed curled since he started growing, its not a ph curl)
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that is a GORGEOUS male...absolutely beautiful. So i'll start with this:
Red is dominant,
Blue is dominant,
Cambodian is double recessive,
Black is recessive,
Butterfly is recessive,
Marble is partial dominant,
white is recessive(?)(not too sure about this one but i think it is),

Bettas will not display certain colours unless they're carrying the genes for crossing red to blue will produce a multi colour with purple iridescence.. When breeding its usually the F3 fry that display the colours of the grandparents. So if your fish are store bought, you wont really know until they've spawned and the fry are big enough to display colouring. I didnt list all the colours because there's so many of them but i'll find out. Marbles, however, are enigmas...because of the jumping week the fish can be turqoise, the next it could be black and white (seen it in several pics of one fish over a site on google). I'll explain a bit more when i find my handbook
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Basically all sites say the same thing about dominant and recessive traits. But none explains probable outcomes if you cross colors. They mainly explain colors from a theoretical standpoint. Perhaps only I say differently based on my own experiences.

Butterfly and marbles are dominant. They will keep popping up for a few generations even though you're not breeding them (siblings that are not butterfly/marble OR crossed to non butterfly/marble).
White opaque is a complex color - combination of many color genes. It is recessive.

The only colors I am comfortable saying to be dominant are red and irids.

Forgot: your CT needs softer water. Perhaps you need to add RO water to your water source. Otherwise they will curl. I find maintaining CT to be the hardest.
Hes in soft water, theyve been curled since they grew in at the breeders :) hes just curly lol. We thought maybe he might straighten out after being at my BFFs house but they stayed curly.

Ok. Well what im gonna do then is start up a spreadsheet with what colors i know are dom and rec, and work from there.
Ah, okay.

Keep us posted on the breeding.
It will be some time, i want to gather all my supplies for grow out and such first. I like to be prepared rather than scrambling haha.
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