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Color ID??

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I went to Petco last night and was just browsing and saw the betta section, I did not see anything that was catching my attention until I saw a small dounle tail... Darn you Petco why you do this to me!!!

Anyways I know he is a super delta DT correct me if I'm wrong, but I have no experiense with this color. He is a yellowish seethrough color but has a few blackish scales close to his face. Can any one tell me his color :)

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I did concider the option of him being a marble but want to get comfirmation
Originally, I had posted: Pic? Please? But that was before my computer decided to actually show your!
I don't it possible that he might turn into a marble?
He's very pretty!!!
Thank you yeah he is cute :) sorry about the pic it was lagging
he's just a yellow DT.

many yellows have black specks. my own yellow, Gackt, had black edges to his scales, and never marbled.

he's adorable. :3
Thank you for the reply :) He is really small and young we'll see if his color changes in any way
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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