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Colors, Patterns, Genetics, Etc

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I've had Bettas for years in community tanks and when I recently lost my last guy I started reading and learning more about them before getting a new one. I'm so confused about the different colors and patterns. I think butterfly means a colored edge to the tail (just from looking at many photos on aquabid) but I can't figure out what gas or dragon means. I've also tried to determine how the color names work, but I'll see a red blue that looks the same as a blue red so I can't figure that out either. I had a theory that the first color was the body and the second color was the fins but that didn't hold up in all the aquabid photos. Is there a good guide to help learn patterns and colors?

I find this topic interesting as I used to be involved in breeding/showing cats and I loved the genetics behind colors and patterns.

I've only had petstore bettas in the past and had no idea they came in all the beautiful colors I see in the photos here.
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butterfly (BF):

mustard gas, a yellow fins with another colored body:

^ this one above is a dark gas
dragon, thick scaling on the body and different colored fins:
<< thats a partial dragon
above is a solid
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There is no general rule I know of regarding color names. But from what I have seen so far people tend to name them as follows:

For regular scales - usually the first color refers to the body and the second to the fins.
Eg. a multi blue red = blue body with red fins

Dragon scales means they have scales that look thicker than regular colors/scales. For dragon scales, the color refers to the fins because most dragons have light colored (whitish or silverish) bodies .... except for irid colors like green and blue - their whole body and fins are green/blue.
Eg. red dragon = white body with red fins, black drgn = white/silver body with black fins ..... and so on.
But for multi colored dragons, the same principle applies: multi-blue dragon = blue dragon body with (often) red fins (both full or partial)

Mustard gas (MG) was originally a blueish body with yellow fins (both full or partial). But nowadays many breeders would call what ever body color with yellow fins as MG.
Eg. green MG, copper MG etc.

The problem is that many breeders give fancy names to their bettas which often is confusing. In such cases you would have to know/understand that breeder's "language". Can't think of any examples at the moment - I've never really bothered with it.
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I personally am still trying to understand the term Salamander. I think I get it, but not sure fully myself.
Isn't salamander just like a purpleish color? That is what I thought at least.
To me a salamander is a tri-color butterfly
Body a solid
N the fin bi-color

Great articles. Unfortunately many people are spreading misinformation around the internet regarding colors and fins especially on forums and on Aquabid.
I agree.
But what can u say.
Some people just want to make a sell.
Choosing some fancy name or trait for more.
Salamander is a blueish red but doesn't (IMO) look purple. It's hard to explain. Google salamander betta for pictures (don't know how to load them).
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