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Columnaris...but happy!!!???

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Hello, I'm new here and this is my first post.

I have had my boy Samurai for about 8 months now and every since I had him I had been going back an forth with aggressive fin rot and every now and then I would notice small little fuzzies near the top of his head, but they would eventually go away with water changes and salt. I originally had him in my 10 gal tank with plastic plants and took those out due to scratches on his side and replaced them with silk plants. I had been very recently battling his fin rot to the point there was some growth on his fins, which I was very happy about. Then suddenly he developed a pinhole in his dorsal fin which left me worried a bit but they were happening anyway and with water changes an aquarium salt they went away. This particular pinhole was between the end of his dorsal fin and his body which worried me a bit because I knew it could lead to body rot as his fins where becoming ever more closer to his body.

I was using Triple Sulfa for the rot, I used Mardel Maracyn 2, Clean water, Salt, Almond leaves, Fungus Guard with Kanaplex, now just Kanaplex with the Almond leaf and although now I'm seeing some regrowth
on his fins. The Columnaris which he has had now for about a week is steady progressing downward from is dorsal fin which is creating a saddleback lesion is spreading and not improving.

Weird part of it all is. He's happy... He swims normally, he's curious about his or the shinny marble in his tank. He swims in and out of his cave. He gets so excited about food when I come and sit near the tank and stares at the food in my hand as he swims like mad waiting for me to drop a pellet down and he has started making bubble nests again.

I'm baffled by this...Yet I wake up scared to take the cover off his tank and see that he's dead. :shock:
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Hi there,
I'm wondering if he just is a marble Betta, and what you're seeing is him changing colours. I've found this older thread where you can see some pictures of the betta's bodies looking similar to the one of your betta.

Maybe you could give it a try keeping your betta just in some clean warm water without any meds or salts since he does not act sick at all. Maybe those little holes will heal up on their own without needing any treatment.

I don't know though for sure and hope some of the more experienced members can advice!

Good luck,
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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