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Hi there, I'm super new and still finalizing my first tank's cycle before bringing home my fish-son. If keeping fish-son happy for a while doesn't overwhelm us, we have a 75g tank we got from a friend that we'd like to make a NPT community tank. Since I've got questions now about what I already have, and I KNOW I'm gonna have questions about the NPL, I figured I'd just make this one thread.

Current problem:
I read some (repeated) bad advice about how much ammonia solution was necessary for a 10g fishless cycle, and I basically ammonia burned my plants (We're talking ammonia reading way off the API chart). I had 1 wisteria, 1 anubias, 1 marimo ball, and 1 java fern cluster. Now I have 1 sad lump on a dirt pile, 1 floating stem plant with literal skeleton leaves (the leaf material just oozed right off, leaving the vein network behind o_O ), a marimo ball I think is okay?, and two crispy fern clusters - one with new growth (I think?) and one without.

I've attached some pictures, and I guess mostly what I'm curious about is: Is there a point to letting these trying and come back / will anything other than that one fern that can even come back?

I was also wondering who the resident plant wizard is. I know it was OFL, but they seem to have retired.


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