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Hello All!
I have a planted 55gal with 6 Glowlight Tetras, 1 red female Fancy Guppy, 2 Riot Platys, 4 Hybrid Platys, 1 Tuxedo Platy, 1 Gold Algae Eater, 1 Common Pleco and 1 Common Bacu Catfish (about 7" long). Plants: Amazon Swords, Water Sprites and Red Wendtii.
I recently lost a few of my favorite Platys to old age. My aquarium is looking a bit empty without them, and I would love to add some new colorful species!
Among a few other species, I have been considering a female Betta.
But before I go out and get one, I have a few questions:

Are the fish in my tank compatible with Bettas?

Do Betta fish need still water?
-(I have an Eheim Canister Filter that creates current in the tank)

Are only female Bettas compatible with other fish?

Can I have more than one female Betta in my tank?

Is there anything i should know about Bettas before getting one?

-I also have a planted 10gal which is currently my Quarantine/Nursery tank. Would this be a more appropriate environment for a Betta?

Thanks for your help in advance! I am also considering Dwarf Gourami's, Skirted Tetras, and Rainbowfish.

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Sorry for replying so late D:
Betta females do nip a bit, but it all depends on the personality. My female chases my guppies but never attacking them or touching them. I have heard of some females eating or killing other smaller, inferior fish. I have also heard of bettas who swim as a school with tetras or something- because they're lonely? LOL
I would advise against putting any other females in there, because they can easily kill each other, but since your tank is pretty big then a sorority couldn't hurt. There are lots of threads on sororities, check them out.
Males could be compatible, but not only are they territorial and aggressive they are also very delicate and can't swim very well with their super long fins.
I'm not sure about your filter, but it's probably a very strong one, right? Females could probably handle the current. but males can't. Well, not very well.
Try your female in your 55 first. If she seems to not like it (trying to get herself stuck or hiding behind something all the time) take her out and put her in the quarantine tank. A week or two later try her in the 55 gallon again. If she still hides then the 10 gallon would be an excellent home for her (Bettas like heavily planted areas) but I'm sure it would be more useful for quarantining your other fish. It would suck for a disease to kill your whole aquarium.
Basically, it's a choice of personal preference and your betta's personality. I would say go for it.
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