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{ COPPER BLACK HMPK and green Dragon HM spawn log }

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Hi guys put these 2 spawn tonight i hope they spawn soon ...wish me luck!!!

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personally, i would not spawn with those two. they have some significant scaling deficiencies, especially with the female (and im not talking about the marbling). if you still intend to proceed, best of luck.
she got bitten up by a aggresive male :/
no worries some plakats jus wanna kill and not love did got angry after i saw what the other male did, i guess some of them just cant help it..
Both are gorgeous bettas! Best of luck with the breeding! :-D
Wow, they are stung. Good luck
-----]]] F A I L E D [[[[---- spawned her with a different male instead, because this copper black wasnt ready... will post later
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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