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After losing my first betta, I've gone without any aquarium for almost a year. But now I'm very eager to get a NPT going and adopt another at the end of summer! My husband and I are moved into a nice house, and I'll have a dedicated space in my studio. We both work full time and I actually have the money.

Prior I had a 3 and then a 10 gallon. What I'd love to do this time is have a corner or pentagon aquarium, but the smallest I can find is 30 gallons! Maybe later on I can move up to 20, but then I'd like to do a 20 long. I like to keep the water level a little shorter for bettas.

Has anyone seen a corner aquarium that's 10 or 5 gallons? Longer and shorter would be amazing. Or perhaps a very good tutorial on how to make your own, maybe suggestions on where to find glass or what sealants would be fish-friendly? My dad and I are incredibly handy and could make something sturdy.
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