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Hey! This is my first time entering the contest! :-D Now that I have a camera and a mirror, I'm putting it to good use!

Looks like Corona is up against some major competition though! Good luck, everyone!
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OH MY!!! I gasped when I saw the pic!!!!!!!!!!! STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY!!! I gasped when I saw the pic!!!!!!!!!!! STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!
DITTO!!! :shock: he. is. amazing
Thanks everyone!
i dont think there is any competition
That's going to be tough to beat. He's amazing.
that is some flaring going on! :) good job!

Thanks! Yeah, his flaring is ver yserious. :p I took some frontal ictures of his flaring too, but not as good as this one.I will uload them in trhe icture secyion later.
He could be St. Elmo's fire's twin! I love him...of course I am partial, since I have one that looks very similiar! Corona has a prettier face though


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Yeah! Didn't I tell you? :p They looked exactly the same when we got them.
right? but in my head the whole time, he was just the same "coloring" but in a veiltail...such an airhead I am! :-D
Hahaha. I've been so spacey lately, myself. :D
WOAH! Geez! Put a warning when you have a stunning fish like this! My jaw dropped to the floor, and I'm still looking for it! Shame on you! :p Woww. Stunningg.
So beautiful!! My newest boy Jasper is starting to get coloring like that.
He. Is. Stunning. I just love Crown Tails :D
he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I wish he was mine! Your a sure win!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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