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Crazy pH!

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So the pH of my tap water is a solid 7.4. But when I tested the pH in all of my tanks, I got the crazy magenta that's in the picture that I attached. I'm wondering why the pH is so high in all of my tanks, when my tap water is only 7.4?

All three (soon to be 4!!!:lol:) tanks are well established, if that helps at all. In two of the tanks I use Tetra's BettaSafe water conditioner, and in the third I use Prime (I found out about Prime after I used 1/4 of the bottle of the other stuff, and I wanted to use the rest of it up before I switch the other tanks over to Prime also).

Should I be worried about the pH? I'm worried about all my little babies, especially my week old Platy fry, and I'm wondering if it's somehow related to my Betta's super mild, but persistent fin rot. PetCo tested my water, and told me that it's pushing 9.0.

Should I wait a couple weeks, and see if it comes down on it's own? I'd really like to avoid buying pH down, I really don't want to have to be fighting with the pH trying to keep it balanced using chemicals.

Thanks in advance!:-D


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