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I'm not exactly 'new' to the whole aquarium scene..
But, after my two beloved male bettas' passed away, I didn't get back into them..
Well, a year later I'm starting to think it's time I start my love back up.
BUT! Before, I had my bettas in small 2gallon vases.
(They lived awhile, they got murdered, I swear it...)
But, now...
Well.. My step-father recently moved into the house, and he had two African Cichlids, who are trapped in a 10gallon tank. So, I purchased a 30gallon so they won't be so crowded.
& now, there is a 10gallon tank free.. And, I want to populate a small community tank with a betta!
(I have my reasons for choosing them, it goes along side with my daughter loves the colorful fish, and I have always had a soft spot for bettas)
Well, I have been looking and researching about what will go good and everything, but, everyone gives mixed signals.
So, I need to know, for 100%, what could I house a betta with? I don't want any violence or murder to happen, because even fish violence is uncool! (haha)
So, your information is greatly adored!
(& if I should need a larger tank, I can do!)

-Current tanks ;
55g tropical tank
30g goldfish tank
30g Cichlid tank
10g _____ tank
5g Fry tank


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Good tankmates for bettas include otocinclus catfish, corydoras catfish, neon tetras, platies, and rasboras. Depending on the temperament of your betta, you can also try guppies.

For the neons and the betta, it really depends on the temperament of both. I have a male betta in a tank with neons and they ignore each other but I have also heard stories of bettas killing neons and neons nipping bettas. If your betta is aggressive, no neons. If the neons are in a small school, like less than 8 of them, they are more likely to nip. I have 10.

Although I recently transferred it to a 20gL, I had the following setup in a 10g:
1 male betta
10 neon tetras
4 corydoras catfish
3 otocinclus

If the tank is cycled and mature and you keep up on the water changes (25% at least once a week), this setup works quite well. Live plants are very beneficial, too.

Cory cats do prefer sand as their substrate since they root around but a fine, smooth gravel will also work.

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I just want to add that you can never guarantee no violence. Some bettas are lovely community fish, others are murderous fiends that will brutally destroy any and all tankmates.

Cories are always the safest place to start. For a ten gallon, I would recommend either pygmies (there are 3 pygmy species) or pandas. Pygmies are extremely cute and stay tiny. Pandas are normal sized, but do remain smaller than the other types, like bronze, emerald, peppered etc. However, they are pretty sensitive.

Because I'm a massive believer in making sure active fish have all the room they need and love to swim, there is a very limited number of species I would actually try in a ten gallon. Basically, if it isn't on this page, I probably wouldn't go for it: This is just my personal preference, though; many people have success with species not on this page (such as neons). I just like to give them more room. :)

My favourites for a betta tank:
- one school of 6-8 ember tetras (absolutely gorgeous, internet pictures do not do them justice; peaceful, not nippy at all; very chilled so no frantic activity to stress the betta, but still capable of getting out of his way. I have 10 in my sorority).
- one school of 6-8 pygmy cories (most bettas do well enough with bottom dwellers)
- shrimp (shrimp are just the bomb).

If you don't fancy or can't get embers, 3 Endler's Livebearers (male) would work with a relaxed betta. Alternatively, microrasboras such as borasas maculata and borasas brigittae (I have these) are very pretty and so small most bettas will completely ignore them.
2 ADF would be a nifty alternative to other fish, if you fancy them. :)

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First off you have to check if your Betta is compatible in a community tank, some are more docile than others, if not be prepared to either refund the extra fish or keep your Betta in a separate place.

I would recommend Pygmy Cories eight of these little cuties, they should do fine, middle ~ bottom dwellers most of the time. If you choose these as tankmates get sand as a substrate, gravel will destroy their little whiskers. >:
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