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Today was cleaning day for my two tanks. A sorority and a divided tank for two males. Well in the process of cleaning up spilled water, my dad decided to try to pick up my 5.5g (the divided tank) to wipe up under it. Well the tank cracked from top to bottom on one side and was leaking quite a bit of water. So I got that upgrade that I wanted a little sooner than planned. I now have a 20g that I have divided for all the fish to share. (no fish are added to the tank yet)

I have a question though.

My sorority has a few members that had internal parasites and today was the last day of the treatment. I used API general cure anti-parasitic. I followed the instructions on the box which said that on the last day you do a 25% water change and add the filter cartridge back in. Since the filter would get rid of the meds anyways (am I right on that?) can I add them to the new tank with fresh water? If not, what should I do?

Any additional advice for my situation would be greatly appreciated.
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