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Cross Country Move

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We're moving 2000 miles in about one month. I have 4 male bettas I am going to move since shipping them is not an option. Here's the plan: I have 1/2 gallon 'tanks' for each betta which comes with the gravel and plant. I will place the tanks in a cooler or styrofoam container to keep temp somewhat steady. Unfortunately they will be inside a horse trailer we are pulling since we'll have 3 people, 2 cats, and 3 dogs in the car. But temps should be 70's for all three days of driving and they will be brought into our hotel room at night. Any other advice for moving my betta boys? Thanks!
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What an adventure! I recently did something similar, moved from Texas to Seattle... drove for 4 days!

You might want to consider getting some heatpacks to put in the styrofoam box with your bettas. You can get these from AquaBid. I suggest you purchase the ones that will last the longest put new ones in every morning before heading out. I would not feed them at all for the 3 days unless you plan to make daily water changes. If you do feed them, feed them very little.
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