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I understand that the female carries the more important genes so therefore starting off with half moon female and crown tail male is better. But I started off with 4 different adult bettas. Hmpk male X ct female and pk male X ct female.

Both my juvenile batches are about 1 week apart from hatching and currently 3 months old.

The hmpk X ct batch has about 10 long finned about to be combtail. Also with some short fins.

The pk X ct batch has all shortfins so I assume its mostly females. Also had given away about 70% of this batch but there are still a few left.

Should I continue with the hmpk X ct batch with a male and breed it to another hmpk female that's bought/ordered online? Or should I pick a male from the hmpk X ct and breed it with a female from the pk X ct? What trait should I look for, longer finned or shorter in the males genes?

Thanks for reading and if anyone wants pics, I can upload sometimes later. Sadly one of my ct female died.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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