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I'm used to my lil' pest snails breeding like rabbits and being yellow. They're white. And don't breed. And then they die. These snails, are upstairs, like my fish, who have also been suffering. I've done water changes with downstairs water now, and actually seen an active change in the 2 boys so far, and their colors look more normal :eek: What's killing my snails and fish? I have the same snails in the tank downstairs and they're normal. And so is the betta. -.- I'm wanting to know what is in my tap water upstairs.

Side note: the water also is cloudy upstairs. like... A block of white and you cannot seeing ANYTHING. Then the sides of the bowls/tanks have oxygen bubbles, whereas downstairs, there is no cloudiness. And only a few bubbles... If that makes any difference.
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