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Curled ventral/pelvic fins? Also, identification?

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This is my mom's fish, Elon. He's had these super curly ventral fins as long as we've had him. Is that just the way he is or could it be because of some sort of problem?
Also, I was wondering if anyone could help us identify his fin type, I'm still figuring out the differences.

Thanks for any/all help!
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Sometimes hard water can cause curling of fins. It happens with my CT boys quite badly, although with his little mustache, I think his little fins look quite daper!!

Aside from that, he's a Double Tail Bi-color!! He may be a marble, but not unless he changes colors. It looks like he started white and got more blue?
Huh, that's interesting. Would that be like when he was a developing or would it be a continuous thing that would change if the water changed? My mom loves his little curls lol but of course he'd be beautiful either way!

And yeah, he started completely white with just a tiny blue mustache and a little bit of blue streaks in his fins. We totally didn't expect the change, it's been interesting to watch, lol! Thank you!
Fin curling can come from two main things ususally; hard water (more minerals) or ammonia. The ammonia type can be corrected a little bit with nice clean water but they will never fully straighten out, fin curling from hard water cannot change.

He's not a bicolor or a marble but a simple multicolor since he does not fall into any specific category. To be a bicolor the color needs to be clean and cut so a black body and yellow fins is a bicolor. His change is called coloring up, not part of the marble gene, it's normal for most white fish with hints of blue in them because white works on the blue layer but the blue is more dominant over white I believe. Could be wrong about that very last part.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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