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Curved Spine in the Sorority

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One of the girls in my betta sorority had a curves spine this morning. I noticed while I was feeding the monsters and I put her in the hospital tank. After a couple minutes, she pooped and her shape went back to normal and I put her back into the sorority. She seemed a bit stressed at the move, but otherwise fine.

Is there any chance that my sorority has a possible TB outbreak? I had a newish swordtail in there temporarily, ad he died, even though he was QT first. My tank also has shared a gravel vacuum with my guppy tank, so if it's TB is it likely it's in there too?

Thank you guys. Just being paranoid.

Sorry I didn't take any pics, but it was a mild bend and I didn't think of it.
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Ok. Whew. I'm pretty paranoid I guess. Thankies.
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