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custom embroidered betta pillow case

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I hand embroider alot, and was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a throw pillow sized pillow case/cover with YOUR favorite betta embroidered on it?

It would all be done by hand,
with the colors and pattern of your betta
you could send me or post a pic and I could make one for you

because of supplies it would probably be $20 each
and shipping would probably be super cheap because its just the cover, not the pillow. if you have a different sized pillow you would want you could send me its dimensions. Let me know... I will make one of my favorite betta here at home and post a picture, BUT if you are interested post a comment and subscribe to this thread :) Jazz up an old ugly pillow, or protect a pillow while adding a little bit of YOU to the space!
It will not have a side opening like standard bed pillow cases, it will have a tasteful over lapping opening on the back of the pillow that no one will see.

They will be machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer, easily removed from your pillow
This way you can keep your favorite betta long after they have passed away
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OH and I can add your fishies name to it if you would like
you have any pictures of ones you've done? :3
Can you send them to people outside the USA? I'd be keen for sure!

Do you reckon you could do other animals, too?
Sena, I am working on one right now, and ya I could probably do other animals, I would probably do a ruff outline and scan it in before actually embroidering it, to get it approved
cool =D
Can I have one even though I'm in Australia? If so, DIBS.
Ya imm sure i could send it to australia ive sent other things before. It may be a lil more for shipping. Send me the picture and i can make a ruff sketch of it: [email protected]
:D I'll have one for you tomorrow, need to go on a picture hunt. ;) Got to get the perfect picture!

So excited. :D
TEASER PHOTO, I will be done with it tomorrow! Sorry just been busy, this is my male MR MOM, a steel blue and red male with a black mask and a spoon head


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Naw, that's cute! Sorry, still trying to find the right photo. I know I have it, it's just hidden in my archives somewhere...
awww =D
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