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I do a 35ish% change on Odysseus's 5 gallon once a week with a gravel vacuum.
The shrimp tank (3 gallons) gets a 50% change about once a month.
The overstocked but heavily planted and overfiltered sorority (16ish gallons) gets twice weekly changes, one of 25% and one of 33%. I vacuum the sand both times, and sometimes do a bit of gravel-poking. I disturb the sand once a week.

If I see algae, I wipe it off. I tend to rinse my filter sponges once a month, sometimes less (mostly because I forget). I don't really get residue on the glass from evaporation, just duckweed, which I wipe off. My tanks never smell fishy, so I haven't had that problem. Except when I break them down to rearrange them. Good grief, what stink.
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