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cycling in tank with seachem betta basics?

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hi! so recently i got a new betts fish (names miso) and at the same time found out how crucial cycling your tank is and got a little stressed. I’ve been making an attempt to do a fish in cycle and needed advice. I’ve seen everywhere to use Seachem Prime, however at the current moment i only have seachem betta basics and was wondering if that would work for cycling?
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Hi, and welcome to the forum! :)

Looks like Betta Basics is a decent enough dechlorinator to use, but depending on the size of your tank, it may take quite a bit for each water change. Prime is more cost effective. You get more, and have to use less. So you can use it, but you will probably run out quicker than you would run out of Prime.

Do you have a good water test kit? This will take the stress out of cycling. API's liquid freshwater master test kit is really good. And it lasts a good while. The Betta Basics claims to neutralize the ph of your water, but that may not be necessary at all, depending on your source water parameters. I would suggest testing the source water out of the tap to see what you are working with.

Here's a link to the two sentence tutorial for cycling a tank. If you have more questions, please post them! And we all love to see pics of bettas, too!!! :giggle:

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