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Darn it Petsmart.. bought a NON-aquatic plant

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Yeah, I did. I knew to avoid the bamboo, but I got something called 'Mondo Grass' which I thought would be a true aquatic. After looking it up online for light and care, I found they are not aquatic.

I am not happy. I paid good money for these plants and now I see they will be useless to me.

I have to wait until tomorrow to call Petsmart as they are closed for the night here. They better take these plants back. I just got them today and I have the receipt.

I'm just really unhappy. I wish they would clearly label them as NON-aquatic. Or better yet, stop selling them altogether!


On another note, can anyone point me to a site that lists common NON-aquatic plants sold in pet stores? Next time I want to be sure I don't fall for buying something that isn't going to work. :/

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Don't worry.. they take plants back. I've returned plants before with receipt and got my money back.
Don't worry.. they take plants back. I've returned plants before with receipt and got my money back.
Good to know! It's just a huge hassle for me since this Petsmart is a long way from my house. I work closer to it, but it is still a hassle and totally out of my way. I went there today with my Dad so I wouldn't have to make a special trip... Now I have to make a special trip anyway. It was only $5, but that is my hard-earned money and I don't like to waste it.

I might just get another moss ball, since nothing else they had in stock was truly aquatic. Or just take my money and run.. :p
It looks really nice grown hydroponically, or even terrestrially. :) We have a lot in our garden. :)
The only plants that are fully aquatic at Petsmart are the marimo ball (moss ball), elodia (I think that's how it's spelled), java fern, anubis, wisteria, and sword plants. It's slim pickings. :(

I wish Petsmart would at least sell java moss. Sadly they don't.
Mine sells "assorted" plants, including crypts and micro swords. You just gotta know what to look for.
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Yes, I know I am not educated about all the plants these stores sell as 'aquatic' when they really aren't.

However, the mondo grass looked very similar to another fully aquatic plant I had once before, and I -assumed- it would be aquatic too. >> Especially with the store keeping it in a tank next to all the fish..

Anyway, I have learned that it is not and I will be calling the store later and taking it back ASAP. If I didn't have to work today, I would be taking it back this morning. But, at earliest it will be this evening.

I just hate how these stores market these plants as something suitable for the aquarium when they are not. Very frustrating! I mean, I was talking to the employee about my tank and all while she bagged them up. She knew I intended to use them in it. So, either she was unaware or deliberately allowing me to purchase them knowing they would not survive in the aquarium. Either way, it is wrong. It wouldn't kill these pet stores to learn about what they sell and educate their employees. *grr*

Ok, rant over.. I just need to vent!
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Does your pet smart have a book section?
Mine has a few plant encyclopedias for sale, no one would say anything if you took one over to the plant department to compare plants and photos and check care. :D
Wysterea, these are the same sort of employees who will happily bag up a silver dollar, a blue gourami, an angelfish and a male betta without bothering to ask if the person has seperate tanks. They sure as heck aren't going to ask about a plant. :(

I totally agree with you, though, it is both annoying and wrong.
I have the same problem with pet store employees. If you're going to sell it at least know it's basic care. :evil:

Anyway. My petsmart has those plants in tubes. Those are the only plants I will buy from them. Anubias and what they call tropical fern (it's actually java fern Microsorum pteropus) are true aquatic species and very easy to grow. I have to work to kill these plants.
My Petsmart and Petco actually have nice selections to choose from, Petsmart actually has their bamboo sticking above water. Petco use to have terrestrial plants that were just sitting in water but the plant was out of the water, I went back on Saturday and they flooded the section again. It does bother me as well, u got kindle grass as well ok my first aquarium, though it barely rotted for months when I decided I needed to take it out.

Watch out for the tubes as well, half of the plants are usually non-aquatic as well. If it looks really cool and isn't Anubias, a sword, java fern with wrinkled leaves, or java fern wenditei or something like that it may be a non aquatic. The best way is to just study your plants, when you go to the store look at the plants and names then search it on the internet.

I think you thought the mondo was an onion plant maybe? It is aquatic, they just call it an onion plant as it looks like what the name suggests.
I think you thought the mondo was an onion plant maybe? It is aquatic, they just call it an onion plant as it looks like what the name suggests.
No. I looked up Mondo Grass to find out it's care (you know lighting and fertilizer, etc) and I discovered it is not a true aquatic plant that way. All the sites I went to said that it was not for aquariums and it would rot under water.


I did get my money back from Petsmart yesterday. I brought in a printout from one of the sites that said it was not a true aquatic plant. They kept it, thought I am sure they will still have them for sale as if they were for aquariums. :/

At least I got my refund.
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