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December 2013 Betta Photo of the Month Contest Results

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Congratulations to December's Betta Photo of the Month Contest winner, Setsuna!

Setsuna (9 votes)
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WOOT! A tie! I voted for Sparrowhawk's frilly white boy :cool::cool:

I got 3 votes! Thanks to whoever voted for "Q" :-D

Lots of beauties, congrats to all :cool:
I didn't know that you can post photos from aquabid. :-?
you can as long as you took the photo, there are breeders here who sell on aquabid. which photo did you have in mind?
The photo of the wild splenden Setsuna posted looks almost exactly like the work of pibk from aquabid (The similarity of the background and tanks). And I know pibk and him aren't the same person. But my apology if I am wrong.
They do look like the same background......maybe Setsuna didn't know about the rule of not using someone else's photo? This happened a few months ago as well. was still a picture of my fish?
Yes but you didn't take the photo. It's really not your fault for not knowing the rules since the rules are not easy to find! Beautiful fish I'm sorry he died :cry:
Sparrowhawk won, right?
I would think so......

Hey, registered user. I have a pic of Q similar to that one :)
This happened a few months ago when someone won using a photo someone else took.

the rules:
I just noticed the thread title says December 2013 when it should say December 2012 :lol:
1 - 7 of 74 Posts
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