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Defrosted blood worms

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When I feed frozen bloodworms I try to just break off enough for one feeding - but I always seem to end up with "leftovers". Is it safe to refrigerate the leftover worms for a few days? If so - how many days would be safe. THANKS!
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I treat it like I would any meat I thawed from the freezer. I feel okay keeping it in the fridge for a couple of days, no more than that.
What I do is chop a frozen cube into about six or more smaller cubes wrap the individual chopped cubes in aluminium foil and place straight back in the freezer in a old food tray in the squares. Then I just get the pre chopped cube' out and defrost before feeding.

If your left over food has thawed out I wouldn't save in the fridge for another day, I would just throw it away. You have to be so careful with bacteria's in blood worm, at frozen it is unlikely to be a problem, but if defrosted and left in the fridge for a few days could allow bacteria's to take hold. If you mean it is still frozen and wish to place back in the freezer that will be fine.
I've had no issue with letting them sit in the fridge for a day or two but I would not go any more than that. It also depends on which brand you are using, Hikari goes through a very rigorous sterilization process whereas some others like the San Francisco Bay brand doesn't go through as rigorous of a process. But it is always best to be safe than sorry, so if you know you aren't going to use it tomorrow, throw the rest out.
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Just to add the difference with raw meat in the fridge for a few days is that it will be cooked at high temperatures that will kill any bacteria's in the meat anyway. With our betta's food it will not go through any other process to kill any bacteria's, and being raw it is more of a risk, than say a cooked piece of chicken you may use the next day.
Once again - thanks!!! This forum is the best best best. It will be easy for my guys to polish off the leftovers tommorow.
I read somewhere that people use a lemon zester or grater to shave just enough for their needs.

I put a folded paper towel over the package and whack with a hammer into small pieces; thaw in medicine bottle and if there's too much I store for 24-48 hours. However, the pieces are so small after being hammered I seldom have leftovers.
Well - this morning I was going to feed the leftover bloodworms (24 hours later) - but I got cold feet - the worms had lost their bright red color - they didn't smell bad or anything - I just didn't like the way they looked - so they got tossed.
If you watch, the bloodworms lose their color after a few seconds in the tank water. They don't stay that dark red very long.
That's why I actually pre chop the cube and wrap the chopped portions individually in tin foil, and put straight back in the freezer, the freshness seems to stay that way. And when I defrost a portion they are mostly deep red, their are a few brown ones but I have enough deep red that I don't need to feed the ones that don't look so good.
Yep they lose the color as they warm up. If I ever have to put any in the fridge, I cover them in cold distilled water, and they usually keep the red color overnight.

I already keep distilled water in the fridge for my live blackworms, so I thought I'd try it on the thawed bloodworms one day and it worked.
And why I hammer the unopened package. :) Like BB's chopped portions it's much easier to use and there's less waste.
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