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Depressed or Distressed?

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So my sister got this betta fish... It is a huge veil-tail male! He hasn't eaten in 3 weeks since she's got him! I don't know if he is sick or depressed. Even though he is not mine I feel so bad for him! For one, he is in a one gallon tank, no filter, no heater, and it is jammed with so much cheesey decorations he doesn't even have space to fan out his fins! Number two is, she does no water changes. At all! I end up doing the water changes occasionally behind her back! I tried to convince her to buy a heater and a small filter and to take out some decorations but she just ignores me! Anyways the fish is always in his "cave" and never comes out except for air. He looks at the food and ignores it. (I even tried brine shrimp which I feed my betta for treats!) My sister does not feed him unless I remind her so he is not full, just refusing to eat. He does not flare at his reflection or even my male next to him!
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My mom thinks I am crazy because I tell her all this stuff and all my dad thinks of is how much money a filter and heater will cost (or even a bigger tank for that matter) I try to do the water changes but I don't have time and my sister flips out when she finds out. I even offered to let her have a small live plant from my tank to replace her corny decorations to give her betta room but she just says "it's my fish, leave me alone!" If her fish lives until March 19th I am going to buy her a 5 gallon tank for her birthday with all the accesories so hopefully she will pay more attention to her fish! I don't know what else to do.
Oh and I forgot to mention she filled half of the tank with gravel! Which cuts off tons of space!
I feel so helpless :( Because I know what is going to happen, it'll die then she will get a new one and the cycle will start all over again! *crosses fingers* hope it hangs in there until march 19!
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