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So I'm desperate for answers.

I had a Betta fish for only a year that died back in October 2019 (RIP Nox). I was very attached to him and he would follow me around the tank whenever I'd walk by. One day he started to act very lethargic. Shortly after his tail started to tear and his color dulled. I thought maybe he had fin rot so I treated him accordingly and it did nothing. I tested his water and all the parameters came out fine. I still would try to change his water and quarantining him. He just kept deteriorating. He would stay at the bottom of his tank and rush up to get air. He could never stay up and would start to sink. It made me so sad to keep watching him get worse. Eventually he had labored breathing and wouldn't move to where I made a difficult decision to euthanize him.

About half way of having Nox, I had another Betta we bought a few months after, name Viserion. He was another spunky little guy. I made sure that I have separate tools and such to ensure no cross contamination. Now Viserion is having the EXACT same symptoms as Nox did! He started out with torn fins and I started treatment the minute I noticed. No luck. He began getting lethargic and the torn fins getting worse, so I even tried another round of treatments. Still no luck. His color has faded and now he is starting to sink. I'm so worried he won't make it. We will be doing a move soon and I'm afraid that he is so sick he will not survive the move. I'm hoping I can get him healthy again soon. Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong with him and can tell me what I can do to get him better?

-5 gallon tanks w/carbon & plant filtration
-frequent water tests
-weekly 25% change
-monthly tank cleaning

Please help.

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