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Hi, All:

I need a new hobby and am thinking of taking up Diamond Painting. Not interested in keeping finished product so this is to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing for shipping, shipping tube and cost of the kit.

There are several sizes available for each pattern but the larger the canvas the more detail one can see. Kits from 12" x 12" to 20" x 28".

I've listed what the kits cost so you get an idea. Am doing one at a time and the blue one first. It would be $30 + shipping + shipping tube.

I have done paint by numbers and stamped and counted cross stitch and this is supposed to be a hybrid of those two. I admit this may not be for me but want to give it a try. Once I get one done I will know if I'm up for a second. ;-)

If you want to do one for yourself I can send you the web site links in a PM.

Sizes are approximate.

#1 14" x 14"/35 cm x 35 cm. Kit is $25
Green Nature Vegetation Circle Tree

#2 14 x 18/35 x 45. Kit is $30
Pink Purple Font Fish

#3 16 x 16/40 x 40. Kit is $25
Goldfish Painting Organism Illustration Fish

#4 12 x 20/30 x 50. Kit $30 This one and the next look complicated so not sure I'll do them.
Painting Room Lamp Modern art Fictional character

#5 16 x 24/40 x 60. Kit $35
Red Organism Tree Plant Photography
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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