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I am new to breeding bettas and am currently looking for a breeding pair. I'm a little confused about dragon and metallic genetics (and color genetics in general- there's so many options).

If you breed two red dragons would all of the offspring be red dragons? What if you bred a red dragon to a different color dragon or a metallic betta?

I would like to potentially have a variety of fry colors and produce interesting color combos. Any advice?

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Understand that there are regular, metallic, and dragon - all of which works slightly different. Although some people would not aknowledge iridecent dragons as dragons, and consider them mere metallics instead, their genetics works as dragons.

Depending on what type of red dragon;
Totally red fins (presumably a fairly pure red drgn) pair should produce 100% red drgns. However red fins with white/metallic lines should produce such colors, plus (sometimes) yellow, orange, and even white drgn. The last three colors are unpredictable - sonetimes you get them, sometimes you don't.

Red drgn x irid drg might yield a number of possibilities. Red drg with white lines on fins, irid drgn with red fins, sometimes with yellow fins (depending on genetic back ground). Plus other combos.

Red drgn x black drgn/copper drgn:
Red drg with white line on fins, silver body and red/yellow/orange fins, copper body with red fins, multi irid drgn . . . . And so on.

If you like "colorful" bettas, there's a koi. Get the dragon version if you like thick looking scales. Koi pairing often produces irregular color combo called "fancy".
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Like dragon scales, metallic is also a hybrid. Usually copper metallic has dark/black head while copper drgn is usually full masked (head/face is same color as body).

Most common metallic is the copper. Crossed to irids, may produce metallic green or metallic steel blue. Crossed to opaque white, may produce platinum. Crossed to red (or red related) will create copper body with red fins.

Metallic x dragon will produce partial dragon scaling - color similar to the above crosses.

That should answer your main question. Oh, remember, bettas with "pure" genetic is very very rare, if at all exists. So color predictions are only "possible" outcomes.
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