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Dirting my 5 gallon?

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Should I? I am thinking of redoing it anyways well to be fair it looks like poo. I already have all of the materials that I would need, I would just buy some more plants. I will be going to Petco and Petsmart before I do it to see if they have nice plants, and enough nice plants to have the correct conditions.

Petco had one nice bunch of rotala, it had some pink on it too, and some swords which I will get one, if it gets big it will go into the 15g.

And for substrate should I use my gravel or my sand?
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If you are going to dirt the need...well....dirt....soil of some type to use for the substrate with either small diameter gravel or sand on top of the dirt.....and if you go dirt/ need to start out with enough of the right species of plants and have the correct lights-otherwise the tank can crash....

I have lots of information on the Natural planted dirt/soil based tanks here...
What species do you recommend? I have a ton of floating plants also so that is something I don't have to worry about. I have soil, sand, and gravel. I also found some nice unused metal that I can easily sift through the dirt.

I bought a 6500k bulb yesterday at the petstore. I need to find a cheaper place lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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