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Divided betta tank w/ cories

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Hey everyone!

I will be setting up a 10 gallon tank and am trying to figure out how I want to stock it. I love the look of multiple boys side-by-side, but also community tanks. What do you all think of these ideas?

1) divided 3 ways for 3 boys
2) divided 4 ways for 4 boys
3) one boy and a shoal of cories
4) divided for 2 boys with a small shoal of cories on either side

Thank you for your thoughts.
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Here's another couple ideas.

1) Sorority of 7/8 girls.
2)Sorority of 5 girls and 4 cories.

What are the chances of needing extra tanks for unsuitable girls? I have a small 1 gallon that I'm planning on using as a QT/hospital tank, but I don't have the physical space for a bunch of extra tanks if this doesn't work out. Is there any way to decrease the chances of needing extra tanks?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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