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Divided betta tank w/ cories

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Hey everyone!

I will be setting up a 10 gallon tank and am trying to figure out how I want to stock it. I love the look of multiple boys side-by-side, but also community tanks. What do you all think of these ideas?

1) divided 3 ways for 3 boys
2) divided 4 ways for 4 boys
3) one boy and a shoal of cories
4) divided for 2 boys with a small shoal of cories on either side

Thank you for your thoughts.
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Cories should have I'd say 3-4 for grouping... They poop lots :p I'm not sure I'd have 3 on each side, as they need the full space to roam - they can get scared and hurt themselves in 5 gallon space! :(

You could divide three ways... but for me I think it would be hard to have a filter and heater in there for all of them...well mainly the filter, because the center boy would get the full flow lol.

I like 2 ways :) you can add a cool hidey hole, plants, etc, easier to clean... Plus pressing the heater and filter up against the divider both get the benefit!!

I wouldn't divide 4 ways though, personally :) mainly because of the heater situation.

If you do divide, add lots of plants so they do not see each other constantly. I only have 2 who do not care to see each other, and do not get stressed. I've had many who get stressed seeing each other all the time.
High chances.

I have 3 females separated. One was bullied, one was the bully, one is a breeder. I only ave THREE together (which is a no no but in 40 gallons they haven't bothered each other) since a couple died from organ damage from being beaten. Females can be just as aggressive as males!!

I'd suggest trying 4 girls first, with 4 cories... Easier to separate, and a good number to start with! But first off stuff that tank full of low-light plants, fake soft plants, ornaments, etc. :) Trust me - you'll regret it otherwise :lol:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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