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divided bow front tank

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Does anyone have expierence with making/buying a divider for a bow front tank?

Thinking about dividing my tank as I don't have much room got a 3rd tank. this is the tank I have. The bow isn't that curved but thinking its better to ask for an opinion before wasting money.
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I'd say just cut the same shape out of a thin sheet of plastic. So instead of straight on either side, just sorta you know, curve in the one side. I have never done that so I cannot promise anything lol.
Uh-huh ^~^ It certainly won't be as pretty as making a normal DIY rectangular one, though. I've also never seen dividers for curved tanks.

Supplies I used:

-100% Silicone ( An absolute must if you use silicone!)
- Report binder bars
- Mesh
-A sharp blade

Try to keep the binder bars, silicone, and mesh the same color. It looks much prettier!

1: Measure how high and wide the divider will be with your ruler
* Make sure your are in the middle of your tank. And continuously work with the center of your tank. Otherwise measurements will be all goofy while making it :c

2: Cut that vague shape out of paper with your knife
*Recommended to make multiple cut outs

3: Cut the mesh to match the paper cut out and put it aside

4: Take the paper and now go back and forth between tank and knife while meticulously snipping one of the sides to match the curved front. (See why I mentioned TONS of cut outs? :p Or at least, I needed them. I screwed up tons.)
* You should be able to turn piece to fit in perfectly once you're done.

5: Now cut the mesh to match the paper by laying the paper on top of the mesh and marking where you want to cut with the marker

6: Take one of your binder bars and place one on each flat edge of the mesh. You should end up with 3. This is for stability.

7: Cut the binder bars length to fit the mesh properly.Think of it as a picture frame.

8: Lastly glue two of the binder bars on the portions that will be on the side and bottom of the tank. Then make dots about the size of a pencil eraser on the mesh bend that does not have a binder bar on it- this is just to aid keeping it in place.
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