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Divider Issues

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Hey all! :D I just bought a 10gal tank and divided it into 3 sections for 3 male bettas. The divider is sturdy and was homemade. The mesh is really thick i can barely see the outline of my own hand its that thick. Some how, there is maybe, 0.2cm of a gap between the tank and the divider and the bettas will flare up. Does anyone know how to fix this maybe? ill attach a picture as well :)


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I stuffed Java moss in the 1/8" gap between my dividers and tank wall.
You can also use that thick, foam, double stick tape. Just stick it in there and that'll close up the gap and it helps to keep your divider in place as well.

One drawback though is that it's a total pain to get off the glass. You'll have to scrape it off, and probably use goo-gone. If you are going to keep it divided, then you're fine, but if you want to move them around, I'd definitely do the moss. :)
The moss is a really good idea. :)
I had the same issues, the gap (in my case) was caused by the silicone used to seal the tank. What I did was cut out the corners of the divider. I think I had to cut out a 3x3 square out of the corners of the plastic canvas. I also cut the C-line, Slide n grip biding bars a little short. I used extra gavel at the bottom to make sure the hole from cutting out the mesh was filled and lowered the water line a little in the tank to make up for the hole left at the top. I have 4 divided tanks and I haven't had any problems.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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