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Do girls bubblenest?

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Woke up to a bubblenest in my soroity tank. Do girls sometimes nest? I have had hardly any agression in my tank, so it seems like if there was a male in there I would have known way before now.
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Some people claim that Females actually do make nests. I have never had a Female,( I wish for my Birthday ) therefore, I do not really know. D:
Well if you have a sorority tank full of females and a bubble nest appeared, they must, right?
yes they do :) but it has no reason XP they just make for the heck of it, lol
but not all do that, like i think the only female i ever had that makes nest is my CT girl "Lacey" she makes little nest here and there
Yep. Athena used to make them a lot.
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