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Is it true that female bettas are more affectionate and responsive to their humans than are the males, maybe because they're less preoccupied with mating and its associated rituals (flaring, building bubble nests etc)?
I also wonder about the relative life spans of males and females - anecdotally, it seems people's males live up to 10 times as long as females. Is this true? I have twice had to rescue a female from the tank with the male, as otherwise, I was certain the continual sexual activity would have killed the females. The male just NEVER left them alone.
One morning, after she had spent a single night in the tank with a male betta, I came out to find my dear little Daphne lying exhausted in her plants on top of the water, barely moving and only gasping very occasionally. She has been very happy since I rescued her and gave her a tank of her own.
Any thoughts or experiences on this?
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