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I keep wild bettas and so the male and female are constantly together.

The males do not kill or harm the females by wanting to constantly mate. If the female is not receptive she will either ignore the male or attack him and chase him off.

My pairs will in peak breeding times, sometimes spawn as much as two times a week. Yes, they do have smaller spawns than splendens, but they are also much smaller fish.

This seems to have no negative effect on the health of either gender. However, I keep my water clean and feed a very good diet so my fish are basically always conditioned for breeding and ready to go.

I think with splendens the issue is more aggression. My wilds are usually equally aggressive during courtship/spawning and it is extremely rare I would have one partner seriously harm or kill the other. However, with splendens this is not as uncommon and it could be why some breeding stock do not last as long.
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