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Do these fins look okay?

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I've had this little guy for about eight months. He got scraggly fins at one point, so I put him in a hospital tank. He ended up living in there awhile while I tore down his old tank and planted it. His fins don't have holes in them, but they're also still a little scraggly (more so than when I got him) and overall just don't look as good. Could he be aging? Is it me? He's still active and wiggly and has never seemed to show any discomfort. His name is Piglet, and I'm sure the reason is pretty obvious. Never, ever had a decrease in appetite. :) Thoughts? I can provide more pictures if need be.

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Poor boy, a classic case of tail biting unfortunately. Read more about it in my educational thread here
So my betta has emotional problems. :( I read through your link and it looks like it's trial and error; I'm not sure what to do to make him feel better.
If you want to think of it that way you could lol. But yeah, it's a lot of trial and error unless you catch him in the act. Sometimes it's literally because he's hungry, other times it's because they can see other Bettas and that frustrates them that they can't get at them and so they take it out on their own tail. Other times, like in my case, my boy eats his tail when he doesn't have enough tall, leafy plants to rest on because his tail is so huge it drags him down constantly.
my guy used to munch on his tail, i put up opaque siding on the sides and back, added a bunch of plants, and switched to a sponge filter.

dont know which of those three helped the most, but he doesnt make a snack of his tail anymore. :-D
Thanks, guys. I already get accused of anthropomorphizing my animals way too much, so you can imagine the reaction at home when I announced that the betta has a mental illness. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that his fins got ragged when I moved him off the window shelf (where the toddler plays with his toys next to the tank) and over into the dining room when it got cold (this winter was ridiculous, and his heater couldn't keep up near the window). He's now back with the toddler where he used to be, in a heavily planted tank. Maybe he just missed the little guy? I'm probably giving his tiny fish brain too much credit. But thanks for all the help--I think Piglet will thank you, too. Here's to hoping!!
No, that's very possible. Fish can become attached to other things like their tank, other fish, people, certain light times and more! I had two babies who were so attached that when one died the other unfortunately died two weeks later; he became so depressed without his little buddy that he wouldn't eat or nothing. I even offer live foods and he didn't care, just laid down and died, so yes it is very possible.
That's kind of amazing. My son likes to line his trucks up at the base of the tank and play right next to it. Piglet used to find a big leaf to rest on and watch him for hours. Maybe since they've been 'reunited' we'll have success! I suppose I should have put those pieces together myself, but I'm still clueless when it comes to distinguishing fin rot from biting.
It's okay! Most people don't think of that or think of fish as a real pet either! So no worries :) I hope he does stop biting for you!
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