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Does a sponge filter have to vent/circulate above the waterline

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I bought these they were a good deal and I like their unobtrusiveness. I rigged up one a long time ago using other filter parts and airline tubing to vent/circulate above the waterline. I was told it was necessary. I never asked why that I can recall.

Before I either buy suction cups to vent them at the waterline or tear apart other old filters I'd like how leaving it on the bottom will affect the usefulness of the filter. The instructions simply ask you to hook an air line in the approximately 4 inch tube and I assume bubbles would rise to the surface or something.

If I do suction cup the filter toward the top of the tank is any reason it would be less effective?
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No the opposite. I would think that the top of the tube needs to be below the water line at least a little. If the tube is much above the water line no water will be flowing out the tube with the bubbles, so little water will be flowing through the sponge. In both my tanks I keep the sponge in a back corner and the top of the tube is about a 1/2 inch below the water line. I use two betta leaf hammocks to box in around the discharge to minimize turbulence on the surface.
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