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Does my fish look ok?

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I was looking at him earlier like I often do, and I noticed his head was kind of black. Pretty sure it wasn't like that before, but bad mommy me can't recall. Also the little red fins up front have some black on them (I don't think you can see it here). He's in a 5.5 gal tank. I'm including a picture of that as well.
The pictures are attchments. I hope you all can see them, I'm doing this from my phone.


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Without having seen him prior it is hard to say whether or not it's normal for him... However, from these pics I can not see anything noticeable wrong.. he may be what is known as a copper... they often look black initially and upon further observation you see different colors such as blue and red... Truthfully, aside from the fact that your guy is a Crowntail and mine is a Delta... He looks a lot like The Elusive Mister B...
He looks good to me. A black head is normal and completely natural, and his fins look just fine.
Ok, great. :) I was beginning to worry, we have been trying so hard with him. ;D
He's OK. A black head is totally natural coloration, Lightning has one too. And considering the dark color of your fish the black on his red fins is totally normal. (Unless it's on the edges, in which case it could be fin rot, but the edges appear to be white here so he's fine.)
That one white tip you see on the red fin is the only one. The other three tips are black, as is the edge of the area around where his fin is connected to him. That's what I was really worrying about, but I can't get a good picture of that. I keep trying.
You can kind of see it here if you look at the far fin. It's hard to take pictures of fish.


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