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Hello everyone,
I’ve had my Betta, Señor Thor, for a little over a month. I am consistent with water changes & tank-cleaning, but noticed a few days ago that his fins are starting to fray. It didn’t look like fin rot because the edges of his fins are naturally a dark blue & have been since I got him. I also don’t notice any fuzzy whiteness around his fins either. But tonight, his fins look worse than ever! I just want to be sure if this is fin rot before I buy the necessary medication for him tomorrow... or if it’s tail biting.

He is in a 3 gallon filtered-heated (@ 80 degrees) tank. Inside his tank are 2 silk plants & a rock cave. He is still swimming normally, eating regularly & building bubble nests.

I will attach before & current photos. Hopeful for some answers 😔 Thank you!


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He's fin biting but also may have a bit of decor damage. If you have anything artificial run mesh cloth or nylons over and through. If they snag then so will his fins. You can help keep them from becoming infected by using Indian Almond Leaves or plain Rooibos Tea. Both have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Float a leaf or teabag in his tank or make a strong "tea," condition and add to tank. Water should be this color:
Flower Plant Nature Leaf Botany

Most fin biters seem to be the ones with heavy fins or bright tanks or sparse overhead cover or no shady spots near the surface.

If you can post a photo of the entire tank we can tell a bit more.

Be aware there has never been a concrete reason established as to why they bite. It's all (usually credible) theory. Stress, habitat too bright, too open, not enough stimulation, fins are so heavy they drag the Betta down and make it hard to swim. Some say rearranging decor can help.

When I have Betta that have bitten their fins in shipping I use IAL and SeaChem StressGuard.
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