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Hello all,

I became a first time fish keeper 3 weeks ago and got a beautiful (I think double tail) Betta fish. He was initially really lively, eating a lot and very active, but he also used to twitch from time to time and surf the glass but I thought it was normal behaviour. A few days ago he stopped moving as much, mainly staying above the water but still eating. Unfortunately yesterday I came home to him pale as a ghost and very lethargic. I immediately changed the water and have bought some salt to arrive today. His appetite is pretty much gone now and I see signs of pine coning :(

I've been feeling so guilty I might have done something wrong but wondering if he was already sick when I got him and didn't notice. His right pectoral fin was already curled when I got him. Please do you see any problems with his appearance? (Pic I took at the pet store before buying him). I guess it's not velvet since it's silver not gold? Tho when light shines on him there are two gold spots on his back.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Sorry your boy isn't doing well. Please fill out this form so anyone answering won't be guessing. Also, to tell if he's pineconing, we need a photo from above. A photo of his entire tank would also be helpful. Thank you.

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