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Does this look like a decent tank decoration?

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I read the thread on lousy tank decor and now I'm freaking. I have the swim though cave from Petsmart that someone had an issue with on the thread and now I'm panicking. Owen loves to swim through his cave but now I'm looking for something that is safer.

What do you guys think of this? Any alarming red flags? It says not painted or dipped, which must be good.
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If your really worried soak it for a few days and have a smell of the ornament. If it smells like paint take it back.

Personally I have driftwood in one tank and large rocks in the other. You could buy or find rocks then use aquarium silicone to form a cave shape?
It says it's not painted or dipped, whatever that means. Am not currently having any issues with my cave but I want to switch it up eventually.
Just keep an eye on it. Can't see their being an issue if its not painted etc.

Painted/dipped usually means that the ornament is painted then dipped in an aquarium safe seal. Occasionally the seal doesn't live up to standard.
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