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Does this sound good?

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I will be stocking the Aqueon 16 gallon bowfront that will have the Ehiem Ecoo 2232, rated for up to 35 gallons, lightly planted. The stocking would be 13-15 neon tetras and 1 dwarf gourami.

So does it work? Do you think the gourami would get anxious with all the tetras?

Any other stocking for a soft water tank with a a pH of 6-8 is accepted. I will be altering the pH with peat if I do get the tetras.
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Sounds like it will be extremely pretty! Which colour morph of the DG are you looking at? :)

I would probably go with 10 cardinals instead of the neons, but that's just because I like cardinals better. :)
Sounds nice. :) Will it be a NPT?
Sounds like a great stocking plan!

But Have you thought about
10 boraras brigittae,

8 Pygmy cories,

5 cherry shrimp,

1 scarlet badis

All pictures found on google under the common name
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Mo honestly, I would totally get those fish, but I am limited to what is around me as I when I buy the neons I am not gonna buy them all on the same day. I will buy like 4 the first day, then another day I will buy some more, and then get the rest so the bacteria can catch up. I don't want their to be a bad ammonia spike and kill all the fish. I am not getting cardinals as they are more sensitive because they still wild catch them...

It will have some plants with Ecocomplete, roottabs, and lots of fertilizers. Ecocomplete doesnt have enough nutrients to keep it going so you need to use additional fertilizers with it.

For the gourami I was thinking flame, neon or honey. If I can find honey that is lol, i may get one from Aquabid, but that all depends if I can find just one for sale that looks good.
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My favourite is the neon. :) I've actually found cardinals are no less hardy than neons. Neons are so overbred these days they die at the drop of a hat, whilst cardinals seem much stronger. Our cardinals are tank bred, though, and it does vary from area to area. :)

Mo, that's pretty much one of my dream stockings! If only I didn't kill rasboras. :p
I vote flame dwarf gourami. All the neons I've seen are either incredibly washed out looking, or the contrast of red/blue is just too much for the eyes.
Maybe QT the gourami for a while in case of dwarf gourami disease? Not sure how fast you'd notice it, though. An aquabid breeder would be a safer bet than a pet store one I'm sure.
Maybe I will get cardinal then! How many sounds good for the tank? Okay, flame gourmami! I do love their colors!
Cardinals are magnificant fish! In My Opinion the are much more attractive, and stunning than neons. you could have about 8 in there
Can you adjust your filter ? I have a filter rated up to 45 gallons on a 30 gallon tank and it really seems like too much to me insofar as current is concerned.
If you can't adjust, Fishmonger, you can baffle it. :)

Flame gourami + cardinals sounds gorgeous! I can't wait to see pictures. :)
It has an adjustable flow direction so I can aim it at the wall or create a spray bar. The tank will be setup for a while so I don't need to worry about that, also I don't even have the tank lol. But I know for sure I will be getting it for free with the stand!

8 Cardinals? I will think about it, as I would like to have a big group, I guess that is still big though...
I reckon you could squeeze as many as ten no problem. :)
once the tank is established and mature you can have a maximum of 12-13 as long as you keep up with water changes and keep them regular and stable
Oh okay I will do that then, so at first I will just have like 7 or something, then after a while I will put some more in.
yup. Cardinals can be a bit sensitive at times but when the tank is established you can have your full group
Okay, so I am sure on getting tetras, either neons or cardinals, and a dwarf gourami.

Are there any fish like bettas and gouramis that are from South America or at least solitary fish that will fit a 16 gallon?
Gourami are from Asia. :p
Paradise fish is another anabantid, but they might be too aggressive for small tetra.
Most small fish school. Fish like anabantids are adapted to living alone due to the flooding/droughts and scarce resources that they have to fight over.
Nothing from south America comes to mind that is solitary and small.
I know gouramis come from Asia, I was just thinking that I could do a biotype. I guess it won't happen since South America is always having rain lol. Yeah I have heard of paradise fish being aggressive.
I know gouramis come from Asia, I was just thinking that I could do a biotype. I guess it won't happen since South America is always having rain lol. Yeah I have heard of paradise fish being aggressive.
Don't do paradise fish. I had three and they killed each other. This is why I don't trust store workers anymore.
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