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doesn't like bloodworms??!!

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I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I am new at this. Just let me know if you guys get sick of me. LOL

I read that it is good to vary their diet by adding some treats like freeze-dried bloodworms and mosquito larvae. I could not find any mosquito larve but I did get some bloodworms.

Guppy doesn't even try to bite at them, does not recognize them as food.

His sister at least tries them, then spits them out after chewing for a while.

Did I get a bad brand or is it normal for them to not like this?

What else can I get to help the verity?
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We all start somewhere!! We don't get sick of you! lol, don't be so foolish!

Freeze-dried bloodworms are dried out bloodworms. They are still a delicious treat, just soak them first before feeding. Frozen bloodworms are the preferred treat around here!
Yes, just soak them first. It might take some time, pet store bettas are coming from less than ideal conditions and they're conditioned to eat only what the pet store feeds them (which is never anything so extravagant as blodworms!)
Keep trying. It took about a month for my Ludey to eat bloodworms, now he's a pig!
A lot of mine won't touch bloodworms, frozen or dried lol Mine love love love Brine Shrimp though :)
I would try frozen instead. Both of mine are total pigs when it comes to pellets and frozen bloodworms, but they won't touch anything freeze dried.
Yeah I don't like freeze dried food, mainly because people forget to soak them first and if they don't and the Betta eats it, it causes major bloating.

I would suggest frozen bloodworms, they're much better. Remember bloodworms is just a treat, once a week and that's good enough.
Ah, I did not know you are supposed to soak them. It doesn't even tell you that on the bottle.

Thanks, I will try that. :)
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