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double tails at petsmart! :[

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oh my goshhh. the most gorgeous WHITE male doubletail is at my store. :[ want..

and theres a gorgeous dragon plakat doubletail too. :[ wanttttt.
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I noticed that the last time I was in. My next fish I buy is going to be a dragon scale plakat. I want one SOOOO bad :p
i know right!!! so tempted to buy them!! but i just got 2 new females this week. boo. and i've never seen a doubletail there! so i was excited. lol.
I'm determined my next one WILL be a dragon scale. I need to find a girl though, I have 3 boys and only two girls, as if finding dragon scale isn't hard enough I'm trying to find a girl one
haha. oh geez. yeah, i'm sure. :[
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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