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Dragon scale experts click here please

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Margaret, a lovely young girl I have had for a short while (about 4 or 5 months) is a bit of a mystery fish to me. I know nothing about the dragon scale bettas so here I am. Margaret was found at wal-mart in the back on the shelf. I fell head over heals of course and snatched her. She was a dull grayish silver when I got her.
I put her in her tank and she turned silver/pink with a pink/red undercolor on her face and head. Her dorsel fin also has gold edging. I was wondering if you could tell me if you think she is a dragon or not. I have been racking my brain. It's hard to explain, her fins are sort of, ruffly? I do believe she is a plakat. Straight anal fin, tail shape screams plakat to me. unfortunatly all of my girls love the camera. she is the shiny silvery pink girl. She looks more silver in life but as we know bettas turn out an odd color sometimes on camera. Also the little lady with the blue fins and white body? Whats the opinion on her tail type? I just noticed her fins are edged different than I originally thought.
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Hmmm...just a guess, but it looks like she is just a copper to me.
I don't know, but you have some beautiful females!
definitely a copper, but really pretty :D
Awesome so copper it is. Thanks for the compliments guys. My oldest girls are actually three that are in one of the group photos. the third photo, the three girls on the bottom are my oldest lady's. Margaret, Shirley and Patty. Poor Patty used to be Alpha until I got naughty Wanda :) Margaret is the only one with coloring I had never seen. I feel very fortunate to have these girls. They always brighten my day.
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